What are faculty and students saying about TH!NK?

  • “The article reviews encouraged me to critically evaluate another person’s thinking. I realized the blind trust I gave to authors, and how little I stopped to question their methods and logic.”
  • “Case studies in my life science first year class helped me to think about real world problems and think about many solutions to that problem.”
  • “Every day walking into E101 [Engineering 101], I knew I’d be faced with either critical thinking problems, ethical issues to be pondered and discussed, or even tactical hands-on experiences. [Every activity] helped to add a meaningful difference to my higher order thinking abilities.”
  • “My gender studies papers got me thinking about issues through a new lens and helped me look at things from other perspectives […] which led to an improved higher thinking ability.”
  • “All of the essays in English 101 have allowed me to think more clearly and form an opinion about various issues. I question everything I learn now, and want to know more about that information.”
  • “By using the [intellectual] standards to evaluate [works of] others, I found myself trying to think according to the standards in order to eliminate the weak places in my conclusions and arguments.”
  • Video: Faculty and students talk about TH!NK